Zombie 108 (2012) Movie Review

Z108 PosterZombie 108

  • Rating – Unrated
  • April 2012 (Taiwan)
  • Director – Joe Chien
  • Morris Rong – Boss
  • Yvonne Yao – Linda
  • Joe Chien – Pervert
  • Jack Kao – Swat Commander
  • Kevin Lee – Gangster


It’s Hell Out There

Zombie 108 has an interesting background story to it. At the time there was no Zombie films out of Taiwan and director Jon Chien decided to change that. Chien turned to Facebook and asked for donations. I’ve been reading that around 900 people donated money to his cause and this is the result. Did Chien give donors their money worth?

z108 zombies

I Want to Play

In the beginning, the movie tells about a science experiment gone wrong and then an outbreak happens that creates zombies. Then they flash back to 108 hours earlier where the main focus goes on in a nightclub. After a night of partying the druglord (Morris Rong) was about to breached by a SWAT team. The drug lord’s men engage with the SWAT team, but are joined by a third party…you guessed it, zombies. Will the drug lord be able to survive? Will he work with the SWAT team?

There is a parallel story line about a woman named Linda (Yvonne Yao) who wakes up from a car accident. She goes into a near by abandoned grocery store only to discover it is infested with zombies. Linda escapes from the store and takes her daughter out of the car. A stranger comes by and offers them a ride. Seeing an option of safety from the zombies, Linda and her daughter jump in the car. Who is this stranger? Where will Linda and her daughter end up?

linda being strangled
No Means No Woman

This is an incoherent mess. It is evident that Chien has watched zombie movies, but tries to put everything into his film. The basic story was done before, but it did have a potential of a good setup. A SWAT team has to work together with a drug gang to fight zombies. So, far not bad, but tries to add a side story which Chien tries to interweave it with the other storyline. It doesn’t work and could have been left out. With this added story, he randomly throws these elements from other zombies movies out of the blue. One minute, a person turns into big super zombie which is never explained why this happens, then the next minute, you have a nude torture scene with an octopus. Yes, it is that random.

Another problem, is the characters. None of them are interesting or on screen long enough to care. So many people are introduced, but then are killed in the very next scene. This also causes another problem, your not too sure on who to really root for because of the frequency of bringing in new survivors and then killing them.

For zombie fans you’re probably wondering if there is at least good zombie deaths. Sadly no, you just see zombies fall to the ground, even the non zombie deaths are pretty boring. The victims get overran by zombies and all you see is a group of the undead surrounding the person. You never see the person actually getting eaten because the zombies block the camera view.

Chien realizes that sex sells, but goes way over board. Nude torture scene with an octopus. Enough said. The women are pretty much just sex objects in the film. There is a graphic rape scene and constant nudity. When the women weren’t nude or tortured, they were half naked. One example, is the woman sniper of the SWAT team. She was in a tank top and super high shorts, while her male counter parts were fully dressed in tactical gear.

There is good in this low budget film. The effects weren’t that bad for a tight budget. It was bad, but could have been worse. The other good is that Chien decided to add a martial artist and a person who knew parkour in the mix. Imagine a parkour runner dodging zombies through out buildings or martial artist taking out the undead with his bare fists. Interesting ideas for a zombie movie, but their action scenes were too small to be anything epic or memorable.

the boss shooting
Baby I’m Coming Back

Unfortunately, the back story is more interesting than the film. There’s too much going on randomly, uninteresting characters, bad sound / digital effects, and being very cliche. Even if there is a lot going on screen, it’s boring. I would avoid this, there are much better zombie options out there like the Horde. Maybe if you were drinking, this might be mildly entertaining. You have to give it to Chien to actually make something from Facebook donations. Hopefully, this is a learning experience and will come back stronger.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • Women snipers are required to wear short shorts while on duty
  • 3 half naked guys can push back a fully equipped SWAT team
  • Knowing how to parkour during the zombie apocalypse can come in handy
Other Files to check:
  • The Horde
  • Dawn of the Dead
  • 28 Weeks Later
File Status: 3 out of 10
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