World War Z (2013) Movie Review

World War Z posterWorld War Z

  • Rating – PG-13
  • June 2013
  • Director – Marc Forster
  • Brad Pitt – Gerry Lane
  • Mireille Enos – Karin Lane
  • Daniella Kertesz – Segen
  • Elyes Gabel – Andrew Fassbach
  • Ludi Boeken – Jurgen Warmbrunn


Our War Has Just Begun

World War Z is a based off a book by Max Brooks written in 2006. It took a realistic approach if a zombie epidemic happened. The film had a 200 million dollar budget, and it starred Brad Pitt. The film was initially to be released in December 2012, but had some set backs; reshoots, budget problems, and rewrites. Are these red flags or should we zombie rush to the theaters? To let you know, I have not read the book prior to reviewing the film, I will base it solely on the movie and not compare it to the novel.

Zombie driver

It’s On Us to Change That

On a Philadelphia morning, a Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) wakes up and makes pancakes for his family. In the background, there is news about rabies and martial law happening. After breakfast, Gerry and his family take a drive, but ends up sitting traffic. While sitting in traffic a mass panic starts happening and Gerry decides it’s best to get out of the situation. He sees a runaway truck smashing through traffic and follows behind it. Eventually the Lane family escapes the city to a Navy vessel in the middle of the ocean.

We find out that Gerry use to work for the United Nations as an investigator and had help evacuating to the ship, so he could the assist the government in stopping this zombie epidemic. He is then introduced to a virologist named Dr. Andrew Fassbach (Elyes Gabel) who is the currently the best hope in finding a cure. In order for the Lane family to stay on board the vessel, Gerry must come out of retirement and join Dr. Fassbach in finding the origin of the zombie virus. They start in South Korea, where the word “zombie” was used the first time during the mass attacks. What will Gerry and Dr. Fassbach find in South Korea? Will they find a cure? How are the other parts of the world doing?

Zombie wall attack
Is Anyone Doing Better Than We Are

The story is nothing new. A zombie outbreak occurs, spreads all over the world, and the main character has to find a cure. The interesting thing is that it does introduce some new elements I personally haven’t seen in zombie films. I won’t discuss all of them, because one of them is a spoiler.  Here’s two: the ten second rule and the zombie wall attack. The ten second rule is how long it takes before the infection turns you into one of the undead. This element does create some interesting scenarios. As for the zombie wall attack, basically, it’s a horde of the undead piling over each other to climb over a giant obstacle. The computer effects is obvious when this happens, but it’s still neat to see.

World War Z’s pace is relentless. After five minutes, I was already clinching my butt cheeks and sucking my thumb, not because it was scary, it was just that intense. My girlfriend actually held her breathe in one scene, probably thinking if she started breathing heavy, a zombie might jump from the screen into the audience. This is how much the movie sucks you in. In other reviews I have read, most would say that the film is anticlimactic. Unfortunately, I have to agree with this. The film kicks in at such a rollercoaster pace that it can’t keep up till the end the ride. It’s like coming off a high sugar rush, and crashing hard. Still, what a ride while it lasted.

What works well for World War Z, is how they set a serious tone from the beginning. This is what added to the intensity of the movie. With it being more realistic, it just sucks you in that much more. I didn’t really care about the characters, but more into the scenarios that were in place. This is the film’s strong point and it out weighs the weaknesses: uninteresting characters (the acting was decent) and being anticlimactic.

Zombies push over the bus
Just Know, I’m Coming Back

After watching this movie, I realize zombie fans will be disappointed with this film because it lacks the ingredients that normally make the recipe to a satisfying “undead” movie. The big red flag for this fan base is that this a P-13 movie, meaning no gore, no tons of blood, no gross looking zombies, and no creative deaths. The other thing, is that this felt more of a thriller than a horror movie. If you are zombie fan, but are able to look past these missing ingredients, you might enjoy this gore-less epidemic. For all my casual movie case filers, you are in for a ride. I would say that is worth seeing it in the theaters at night, because seeing it with a bigger audience will add to the movie experience. Remember, if you do watch this, you are just in it for the ride, nothing more, and it will come to a stop before the movie ends. A sequel has been given the green light and I would be interested in jumping back into the war.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • Always keeps silent during a zombie apocalypse
  • Zombies will climb on top of each other
  • Mother nature leaves breadcrumbs to her mysteries
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File Status: 7 out of 10
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