Unfriended (2015) Movie Review



  • Rating – R
  • April 2015
  • Directors – Levan Gabriadzel
  • Heather Sossaman – Laura
  • Matthew Bohrer – Mathew
  • Shelley Hennig – Blaire
  • Courtney Halverson – Val
Let’s Play a Game

Unfriended is a 2015 horror that treads new waters in the horror genre, social media. When the trailer came out, I wasn’t to keen on seeing it because of the whole social media gimmick. It seemed like a quick cash grab. On a budget of a million and returning $64.1 million in the box office with a greenlit to a sequel that is supposedly coming this year. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.


Well, the Glitch Just Typed

Laura Barns (Heather Sossaman), a high school student had an embarrassing video upload to YouTube. With everyone making fun of her, it leads her to commit suicide. A video of her suicide was filmed and put up on LiveLeak.

On the anniversary of Laura’s death, her good friend Blaire Lily (Shelley Hennig) was watching her video suicide. While online, her boyfriend Mitch Roussel (Moses Jacob Storm), and friends Jess Felton (Renee Olstead), Ken Smith (Jacob Wysocki), and Adam Sewell (Will Peltz) join in Skype. While chatting, they realize they have a mystery guest billie227. No matter what they tried, they could not get billie227 out their conference call. Who is this billie227? What is this person up to?

Never Have I Ever

Unfriended actually surprised me. It was original & well executed. There were problems that I thought it would have; stereotypical horror characters and the direction it goes in later.

Let’s start with the problems. So yes, the characters are the same you see in every typical horror film. You have over weight computer guy, the girl that nobody likes, but they talk to her anyway, the hot tempered jerk, and you get the picture. Of course they do predictable decisions, and if you are a horror buff, you can actually guess the order in which the characters die.

I’m not sure about how to go about the next point without giving too much away. The way everything was going I was sold, until the midway point where you can see the direction that they decided to go. I know why they would go this direction but I still feel it was a lazy explanation to everything.

What intrigued me was the creative narrative and how it real it felt to a point. The whole movie takes place on a screen of a Macbook. Through the execution from the director you could see the personality of person behind the laptop. One example, the main character would type something pause, delete the sentence, and type something completely different. It was a unique way to display the person’s character.

The other factor was how real it felt. They used the actual Facebook and Skype, complete with all the little bleeps and ding sound effects. Even the little screen glitches appear when using the apps. Besides these factors, there was also the look of the characters when they saw something. You couldn’t see what they were seeing, only their reaction. It is left up to your imagination on what they were seeing, which was effective.


I Wish I Could Forgive You

If you are a horror fan, give this a try. It goes for something different. Like I mentioned, I didn’t care for the direction it went, but I could see why they would. Still it was worth a watch to see a different approach to the narrative. The setup was done well and tactically refreshing to the genre using social media as a conduit for a horror film. I say rental if you need a new “Friend”. LOL, you see what I did there.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • Be careful of what you post
  • Never have I ever can be a deadly game
  • Friends in the new age are not trust worthy
  • Chatroulette is the new 911
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File Status: 7 out of 10
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