Turbo Kid (2015) Movie Review


Turbo Kid 2015

  • Rating – UR
  • August 2015
  • Directors – François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell
  • Munro Chambers – The Kid
  • Laurence Leboeuf – Apple
  • Michael Ironside – Zeus
  • Edwin Wright – Skeletron
It’s About Turbo Rider

Turbo Kid is a love letter to the sci-fi action B-movies of the 80s. Just so happens that I grew up with B-movies of the 80s and this has been on my plate for my eyes to devour. Recently this has popped up on Netflix a couple days ago, and I bailed on my wife’s Entourage marathon. I watched this Canadian-New Zealand film on my tablet with my headphones, while she watched her show in the same room. Technically, I was spending time with her. She wasn’t mad about it, I like sleeping on the couch for a week.


That’s Rad!

It takes place in the usual post apocalyptic setting, where water and food is scare and the land is bare. The year is 1997 and Earth is nothing, but a barren wasteland from war. A teenage boy known as “The Kid” (Munro Chambers) survives off the wasteland by scavenging and living in an underground basement. The Kid is very fond of the comic book “Turbo Rider”, which features a hero who fights evil doers with a power laser glove.

One day while reading his Turbo Rider comic, he meets an over zealous teenage girl named Apple. After some friction from The Kid, they become friends and go out scavenging together. During their escapades, Apple gets kidnapped telling The Kid to run. Does The Kid run? What is going to happen to Apple?

This is my Gnome Stick.

Turbo Kid is just oozing with retro goodness. It embraces the cheese that it is and everything that people loved about 80s over the top movies. With the opening inspirational music to excessive amounts of insanity, there is nothing that compares to this currently, Kung Fury doesn’t count, it’s a short film.

The story is simple. Crazy bad guy is taking over the wasteland and someone must stop him. What makes it rad is the distinct characters, ratty dialogue, and electrifying actions scenes.

There are just so many characters to talk about. Munroe plays The Kid as a naive unlikely hero, just, you can’t help but root for. Aaron Jeffery as the Indiana Jones type while delivering his lines with a Dirty Harry attitude. The loyal body guard of Zeus, Skeletron the mute, but his mannerisms speak louder than words. Did I mention he has a buzz saw blade launching weapon? The great Michael Ironside as Zeus. Not his best outing, but still up there. “Come on You Apes! You Want to Live Forever?!” Sorry, I had to.

Laurence Leboeuf as the teenage girl who seemed to be overdosed on energy drinks with a screw loose just killed it. For me, every time Apple appeared, she stole the scene. Her line delivery, and just overall bonkerness does not get old.

Each scene is retro and yet creatively done. I could freeze a random frame, print it, and hang it in my home office / the dog’s poop room. The cinematography is that good. Plus, gnome stick, brilliant. Whether it be a scene with practical gore with laser beams and pew pew pew sound effects or an odd conversation that will make you smile, I was clamoring for more.


This Going to Get Ugly

If you ever had an 80s B-movie itch, Turbo Kid will scratch it and give you a happy ending. For these people, go and buy the Blu-Ray. It’s one of these films I can easily watch again and again. If you haven’t grown up with 80s B-movies, this will be a toss up for you. Ask yourself if you like stylized gore and characters that seem to come from a bad acid trip, check it out. Or just check the trailer below, and you’ll be able to tell if this movie is for you. Lets roll.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • You can use a bubble machine as soap
  • You duct anything into a lethal weapon
  • BMX bikes are the ideal vehicles of a post apocalyptic future
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  • Mad Max: Road Warrior
File Status: 9 out of 10
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