Spectre (2015) Movie Review



  • Rating – R
  • November 2015
  • Directors – Sam Mendes
  • Daniel Craig – James Bond
  • Christoph Waltz – Ernst Stavro Blofeld/Franz Oberhauser
  • Léa Seydoux – Dr. Madeleine Swann
  • Naomie Harris – Eve Moneypenny
  • Dave Bautista – Mr. Hinx
  • Monica Bellucci – Lucia Sciarra
Bond. James Bond

Spectre is the 24th James Bond film in the series and it continues with it’s star Daniel Craig. Some note able aspects of Spectre includes; their budget was $245 million, which is one of the most expensive movies ever made (including the biggest budget for a Bond film), former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy) was one of the main villains, the beautiful Monica Bellucci (Shoot ‘Em Up) as the oldest Bond girl at a young 51 at the time, and a talented Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained). Recently it won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Not a hardcore Bond fan, but I thought it was time for my Martini to be shaken.


You are a Kite Dancing in a Hurricane, Mr Bond

Bond (Daniel Craig) is sent on a mission to assassinate an unknown from the previous M (Judi Dench) through a video after her death. Following leads, his task turns out to be taking down an organization with an octopus Logo. Tired of Bond going off on his own causing havoc, the new M (Ralph Fiennes) grounds him, because he has other things to worry about. C (Andrew Scott), who is the head of the Joint Intelligent Service is trying to shut down the “00” program and form the “Nine Eyes”, which is a global intelligence and surveillance team up.

Still suspended, Bond finds out that the organization is called Spectre. He manages to sneak into one of their meetings, where he learns that a Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) is the puppet master. Oberhauser realizes that Bond is in the meeting and calls him by name. How does Oberhasuer know Bond’s name? What is Spectre’s end game? Will the “Nine Eyes” replace the “00” program?

Well, It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Sorry to say that Spectre has lost sight in what the new imaging made it so great. With it’s new style it was much more gritty, Bond was vulnerable, Bond girls with sharp dialogue, a fun villain, and an ample amount of action eye candy to keep you entertained. In Spectre, we get super Bond, ample amounts of dullness, a story that tries to be more brilliant than it actually is, and an underused Christoph Waltz.

Spectre starts to stray off to the old Bond formula. I never felt Bond was in real danger, the Bond girls are cliches from it’s predecessors, and the action was a sprinkle of cartoony. Now I don’t mind the old Bond formula, where 007 fires his machine gun and 5 random bad guys drop, has a fancy car with batmobile type weapons, while hooking up with random cookie cutter women. It’s a Bond film. It’s meant to be a popcorn movie. Here’s my two problems. The first, is why have a re-imagining of the series if after a couple movies you are going back to the old ways. The second, it’s fricking boring, which causes the old formula to fall flat on it’s face. The story reaches so hard to connect all Craig films together that it feels like nothing happens or is developed. The scenes just drag out trying create the bigger picture. It’s two and half hours long. It should have been edited to hour and half.

Focusing on the bigger picture it forgets to advance it’s villains. Bautista is just there to cause random encounters. He only has one line throughout the whole. He does do good on the action though. While having Bautista as a throw away Bond villain we don’t get a fleshed out nemesis. Speaking of fleshed out nemesis, why in the world would you have a caliber actor such as Waltz as the bad guy and have him formally introduced towards the end of the movie. Then give him crap dialogue to play with. I had high hopes when it was announced that Waltz was playing opposite of Craig, especially since his performances in Inglourious Basterds and Django: Unchained. Just like my hopes of landing a big paying job after college, it was crushed.


The Author of All Your Pain

Spectre is a big pass for me. With the exception of opening helicopter scene, it’s just waiting for something to happen. Two and half hours long, that’s a lot of waiting. Add in one throw away villain, and another one that is had little screen time with a poor script. Wrap it up in a loose story that confuses yo..I mean connects the all the recent Bond films in a connected universe. If you’re one of those that has to watch all Bond films, you might agree this was a weak forgettable entry.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • If you are the main villain, you need a cat
  • If you kill someone, go to his funeral and hook up with the widow
  • Don’t let James Bond borrow your car
Other Files to check:
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  • Quantum of Solace
  • Die Another Day
File Status: 5 out of 10
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