Kick Ass 2 (2013) Movie Review

Kick Ass 2 Movie PosterKick Ass 2

  • Rating – R
  • August 2013
  • Director – Jeff Wadlow
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson – Kick Ass
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse – The Motherfucker
  • Chloe Grace Moretz – Hit-Girl
  • Jim Carrey – Colonel Stars and Stripes
  • Olga Kurkulina – Mother Russia


There’s No Room for Punks in Suits

After watching the first Kick Ass, back in 2010, I was blown away by it’s material and watched it twice in the theaters. 3 years later, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloe Mortez returns as Kick Ass and Hit Girl in their anticipated sequel. Joining the crew is Jim Carrey, Donald Fasion, and John Leguizamo. Can Kick Ass 2…..Kick Ass? Sorry, didn’t have my coffee yet.

Kick Ass & the Mother Fucker

You and me, like Batman and Robin

Kick Ass 2 focuses on our 3 characters, Kick Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Hit Girl (Chloe Mortez), and for the lack of better words, The Motherfucker (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). Kick Ass has retired his costume fighting ways and is a senior in high school. With his introduction of Kick Ass, he has inspired other people to dress up as super heroes and patrol the streets. Missing being a super hero, Kick Ass starts skipping school to take fighting lessons from Hit Girl.

After her father’s death, Hit Girl is adopted by her dad’s partner and starts high school as a freshman. Feeling like she didn’t belong at school, she would skip it and go to train at her secret hideout. She is approached by Kick Ass for defense lessons, and she takes him under her wing. While fighting crime, her step dad (Morris Chestnut) catches Hit Girl in her costume and with blood on her face. He made her promise to not be Hit Girl anymore and go back to high school. With Hit Girl giving up her ways, Kick Ass is left to find new super hero friends to hang out with.

After losing his crime boss dad to Kick Ass, Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasses) transforms himself into The Motherfucker. Wanting revenge on Kick Ass for killing his dad, he assembles his own group of super villains. Will Kick Ass find others like him? Has Hit Girl given up her vigilante ways? Will the Motherfucker get his revenge with his new group of super villains?

The New Super Villians
Ready to Die Little Girl

Well, let me start out that Kick Ass 2 does not skimp out on the swear words on the graphic violence. With that being said, it can’t compare to how great the first one was. Kick Ass 2 lacks the substance of it’s predecessor. The first one, even though they felt like good protecting the streets, they had to come to realize this isn’t a game, people do get hurt and die. It borderlined from being real to comic book movie. The sequel elbow smashed that line and relied on poop gags, vulgar language, and bloody violence to carry the movie. On a side note, the violence is not as crazy as the comics.

The story was OK, Hit Girl’s story ended up becoming more interesting than the main character, Kick Ass. I know it’s based on the comic, but it seemed it had similar or even the same plot points as the first. Meaning that didn’t really reinvent the wheel.

They tried to do some new things with the action. Some worked, and some didn’t. Like when Hit Girl was fighting on top of a moving van was a green screen mess. Then there was a scene where Mother Russia took on 10 police officers, which was entertaining. She killed 2 officers with a lawn mower!

Speaking of Mother Russia, she is played by Russian body builder Olga Kurkulina. Man, she is fun to watch her destroy things. It’s like a Russian Godzilla in a bikini destroying everything in her way. As for the other actors Johnson, who actually got really cut for his role and Moretz stayed true to their characters. Worth mentioning is Mintz-Plasse as the main villain. Big difference from when he played McLovin in Superbad. Jim Carrey was also a pleasant surprise in his role as Colonel Stars and Stripes.

Mother Russia blocking knives
Pants on Fire

Is Kick Ass 2 better than the first? No, but it was still a fun ride. Just don’t expect to see the things that made the first one so great in this one. The comics is continuing the story and ending as a trilogy. As for Kick Ass 3 the movie, there is no word on it yet and that’s because it wasn’t as successful as the first one, so far in the box office. I say the sequel is worth a rental or a trip to the $1 theater. Remember the movie relies on poop gags and graphic violence. There is a small clip after the credits.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • Lawn mowers can be used as projectiles when on top of a moving car
  • If a shark is lying still, he is not dead, just hungry
  • Hiring an ex-KGB Russian agent as a body guard for $50,000 a week is worth it
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File Status: 6 out of 10
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