Horror Case Files: Resident evil: Apocalypse (2004)

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

It is the 4th annual Horror Case Files! Man, you ever had one of those guilty pleasure movies where you tell everyone and they’re thinking, what’s wrong with you. I just remember seeing this the theaters and remembering, I can easily watch this again. Well, since the final film is coming out January 27, 2017, I figure I revisit the series.

Don’t know what Horror Case Files is? Every October there is a mini review on a horror movie every day of that month. It’s a great time waster at work and you might find some hidden gems, or avoid some hot messes. Horror Case Files reveal the background story, kill count, most creative kill, the killer(s), and what happened to the killer(s). WARNING! SPOILERS if you continue.


Being experimented on with the T-virus, Alice wakes up from the hospital with new powers. The T-virus causes people to turn into zombies has spread into Raccoon City. It’s up to Alice and some survivors to escape Raccoon city while trying expose the Umbrella Corporation for the outbreak of the T-virus. Of course the Umbrella Corporation has other plans.

Kill Count

54 people (roughly)
53 zombies (roughly)


2 sets of zombie boobs
1 set of human boobs

Most Creative Kill

The Nemesis monster uses a rocket launcher to blow up a sniper

The Killer(s)

It’s the Umbrella Corporation that was responsible for the zombie outbreak. Umbrella not only experimented on Alice, but also Matt (survivor from the first film), who was labeled the Nemesis project. Think of a big Frankenstein monster with a big Gatling gun and a big rocket launcher.

What Happened to the Killer(s)

Alice was forced to fight Nemesis. When she disabled him, he started to remember his old life and started to help Alice and her group fight the Umbrella soldiers. Nemesis is killed from a helicopter, in the meantime, a nuclear missile was launched at Raccoon city to contain the outbreak. Alice and her group flew out of there in a helicopter but took damage from the blast. Assumed dead from the helicopter crash, Alice wakes up in an Umbrella facility healed and with amped up powers. She escapes the facility, which she is rescued by friends dressed as Umbrella soldiers. As soon as they leave, it shows that Umbrella has programmed some kind control on Alice.


Horror Case Files Verdict
I think my wife said it best when she watched this with me recently. “I know it’s bad, but I can’t stop watching it.” Which pretty much describes how I feel about this film. I can still re-watch it and have a grin on my face. It’s just non-stop cheesy choppy action scenes with equally cheesy dialogue. I love it. You need something non stop stupid to watch that has a high budget, you can’t go wrong with the 2nd installment of the Resident Evil series.

Random Info I got from this File:
    • Don’t look at zombie boobs as you are driving
    • You see a big monster with Gatling gun, you surrender
    • It’s OK, to walk into a police station and start shooting
File Status: 8 out of 10
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