Horror Case Files: Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Ganush in hidingDrag Me to Hell

After doing all 3 Spiderman movies back to back, director Sam Raimi, went back to horror and made Drag Me to Hell. Too scared to watch it? The Horror Case Files reveal the background story, kill count, most creative kill, the killer(s), and what happened to the killer(s). WARNING! SPOILERS if you continue.


A loan officer named Christine Brown, denies a gypsy an extension on her mortgage because of being a bad risk and she wanted to show her boss that she can make tough decisions, since there was an opening for assistant manager. When she denies the gypsy the extension, she causes a scene, in which Christine calls security on her. Feeling that Christine has shamed her in public, the gypsy puts a curse on her. The curse in 3 days will drag Christine to hell.

Kill Count

4 people 1 cat

Most Creative Kill

Christine being dragged into hell.

The Killer(s)

The gypsy Sylvia Ganush and the demon she summons, Lamia.

What Happened to the Killers

The movie doesn’t explain how Ganush dies and Lamia does end up dragging Christine to hell. Christine thought she gave the cursed item to Ganush’s corpse, but it was something elese.
Christine giong to hell

Horror Case Files Verdict

If you liked Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy, you’ll like Drag Me to Hell. Even though the death count is low, it’s entertaining, has jump out scares, and Evil Dead humor in it. If you’re a fan of Raimi’s horror stuff you need to check it out. You can probably find it cheap on DVD.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • Old gypsies can fight
  • Goats can talk
  • Don’t unbury bodies in the rain
  • Demons don’t like cat sacrifices
File Status: 9 out of 10
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