Horror Case Files: Descent (2007)

Juno and Sarah cave exploringThe Descent

Descent is 2005 British horror movie that took everyone by surprise. It made around 57 million on a 3.5 million budget. Currently has a 85% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Too scared to watch it? The Horror Case Files reveal the background story, kill count, most creative kill, the killer(s), and what happened to the killer(s). WARNING! SPOILERS if you continue.


After a tragic car accident, Sarah loses her daughter and husband. A year later, her friend Juno plans a get together with the girls. Juno leads the girls to explore unmarked caves.

Kill Count

6 people 10 cave people 1 left for dead

Most Creative Kill

Not the most creative, but the coolest. When Juno starts fighting back. Throwing an axe pick to a cave dwellers back, then snapping his neck.

The Killers

Cave dwellers. Don’t really explain the background on them, only that they are blind and uses sound to find their victims.

What Happened to the Killers

Some cave dwellers get killed, but there are numerous. During the fights in the cave, one of Sarah’s friends reveals that Juno had an affair with husband. After using Juno to help kill the cave dwellers, she hits Juno in the leg with an axe pick, then leaves her for dead. Before getting hit with the axe, Juno doesn’t deny that she had an affair with Sarah’s husband. As for Sarah’s fate it depends what version you watched. The original ending, it had Sarah still stuck in the cave and started to hallucinate. The US theatrical release had Sarah actually escaping the caves. Juno’s fate was unknown.
The Descent monster

Horror Case Files Verdict

Descent had so many elements mixed into the story, and it blends it in well. Claustrophobia, betrayal, monsters, and the unknown. It wasn’t only the monsters that gave fright, but the cave and it’s traps. The character development in this, was also done well, which I feel lately in horror movies, that’s neglected. This is a must watch for horror geeks. I actually bought a copy.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • Don’t go exploring in unmarked caves
  • Make sure you have your watch on silent if avoiding monsters that can only hear
  • Don’t have an affair with your friend’s husband then go cave exploring with her
File Status: 10 out of 10
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