Horror Case Files: Child’s Play 2 (1990)

Chucky ready to attackChild’s Play 2

After the success of the 1st Child’s Play a sequel was greenlit. Child’s Play 2 made close $11,000,000 in opening weekend. The sequel takes place right after the events of the original. Too scared to watch it? The Horror Case Files reveal the background story, kill count, most creative kill, the killer(s), and what happened to the killer(s). WARNING! SPOILERS if you continue.


The police who witnessed Chucky being alive in the first one denies everything, the mom is put in psychiatric care and Andy goes into a foster home. Chucky is rebuilt by the toy company to prove there is no killer doll. Of course Chucky has other motives and tries again to transfer his soul to Andy.

Kill Count

7 People, 2 Dolls

Most Creative Kill

Death by toy eyeball inset-er machine

The Killer

Charles Lee Ray AKA as Chucky is a killer trapped in a doll’s body. He actually succeeds in trapping Andy, but his time expires before being able to transfer his soul (some Voodoo rule). So, he just tries to kill Andy.

What Happened to the Killer

Chucky gets his head blown up with some kind of air hose after being covered with hot wax.

Chucky with hot wax

Horror Case Files Verdict

This is a pass. The creepiness of the first one is gone. There is no crazy kills and it just is silly compared to the first.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • Don’t rebuild the doll that was supposedly killing everyone
  • Just don’t have dolls around the house
  • If you loose your hand, put a knife it, for stabbing
File Status: 4 out of 10
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