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Captain America: Civil War (Possible Spoiler Alert)

The Civil War trailer came out not too long ago, and nearly broke the internet, at currently over 40 million views.  Lots of casual viewers were confused on why is mommy and daddy fighting.  The hardcore fans are busy at analyzing the trailer and trying to figure some things out.  For the casual viewers, Civil War was a rather huge Marvel event in the comic universe.  It was written by Mark Millar and the event happened over 7 issues in 2006 to 2007.  There were other companion comics to the limited series, where you see different perspectives of the war.  In this feature, we’ll look in depth on what’s going on in the trailer, make comparisons to the Civil War Comics, mention the things that still need to be revealed, and come up with educated guesses.  Now, I must warn you, I might be right, I might be completely wrong (like in college), but I will tell you how the event unfolded in the comics, which could have similar conclusions in the film.  With that being said, POTENTIAL SPOILERS below.

tony vs cap

What Triggered the Civil War

sokovia accords

Sokovia Accords (Film)

Besides all the destruction that heroes caused in public areas in all of their movies, there is a document that appears in the trailer called the Sokovia Accords.  Now if you saw Avengers:  Age of Ultron, this was the same island that Ultron tried to pile drive into the earth.  I guess that was the last straw.  It seems that Sokovia Accords keeps the super heroes registered and in check.  Meaning, they are called upon when needed.  You can also see that they do confiscate the Cap’s shield and Falcon’s wings.  If you look closely there is the United Nations logo on the document, so this is national.  If you look really really closely, on the cover it says “Framework for the Registration & Deployment of Enhanced Individuals” (shout out to New Media Rockstars).

samford incident

Stamford Incident & Superhero Registration Act (Comics)

Instead of the Sokovia Accords, there is the Superhero Registration Act.  The Superhero Registration Act was introduced by the U.S. Government after the Stamford incident.  What’s the Stamford incident you ask?  The superhero group New Warriors were on a reality show, and to boost ratings, they decided to take on super villains that were out of their league.  During the skirmish, the villain Nitro caused an explosion near an elementary school in result killing innocent children.  The Superhero Registration Act is restricted to the U.S. and it made the superheroes reveal their secret identity.


Why is Iron Man & Captain America Fighting


Iron Man Thinks They Should Accept Limitations & Cap is Hiding Bucky (Trailer Analysis)

It’s obvious that Iron Man is for the new rules and Captain America isn’t.  The question is why?  Maybe Tony feels guilty about all the collateral damage that was caused by Ultron, and it’s time to have some restrictions.  After all, Tony was responsible in activating / creating him.

The Cap on other hand is trying to hide his pal Bucky / Winter Soldier.  If you remember, the Winter Soldier was brain washed and worked for Hydra, so he did bad things.  In the trailer, it looks like Bucky isn’t brain washed any more, and the Cap doesn’t feel right that he will pay for the crimes that he didn’t have control of.  Of course, Tony probably disagrees and it’s up to them decide, which is why he’s trying to bring Bucky in.


Iron Man was Confronted by a Grieving Parent & Cap was Told to Bring his other Super Heroes In (Comics)

During the funeral for the children of the Stamford incident, one of the grieving parents went up to Tony Stark and spit in his face.  Even though Tony Stark has nothing to do with the New Warriors, she blamed him for funding this type of behavior.  She brings up that cops have to wear badges and that they are properly trained, where superheroes has to do neither.  When the The Superhero Registration Act comes closer to passing, the Cap goes into hiding, and Iron Man volunteers to find him.

Before the Registration Act became solidified, Commander Hill of SHIELD, basically asked Captain America to bring in the people that was against it.  The Cap didn’t like the fact that he had to arrest people who were risking their lives 24/7 for their country.  Of course it escalated where Hill ordered a bunch of SHIELD agents to arrest Cap, which caused him to escape headquarters and go into hiding.


Who is this Guy & What is his Involvement


Black Panther & Revenge or Protect his Nation Theories (Film)

This is T’Challa, AKA Black Panther and he is the prince of Wakanda, a fictional nation in Africa.  His suit is made of vibranium, the same material which the Cap’s shield is made out of.  The official concept art, it shows him siding with Iron Man.  Joe Russo one of the two directors, said “there for a very different reason which brings him into conflict with Cap and his team.”.  In two scenes of the trailer, you see Black Panther do a sweet double kick to Bucky, and chase him through traffic.

Here’s the revenge theory.  At one point during Bucky’s brain washing, he killed Black Panther’s father.  Two reasons.  The first was that Bucky under Hydra’s orders did do tons killing in the Marvel film universe.  It’s not that far fetched he assassinated Black Panther’s dad without knowing it.  The second reason, was that in the comics, T’Challa’s father was assassinated, but by Ulysses Klaw, who actually appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  The film version could have altered this and had Bucky kill him, which is why he sides with Iron Man, chase after the Winter Soldier, and jump kick the soul out of him.


The other theory is that the Cap and his team is being framed for something that happened in Africa.  You see Cap crashing through window and then attacking a guy with tactical gear.  If you look at the sign of the building, it has IFID (Institute for Infectious Diseases (shout out to Reddit user turondruid).  Then look at the people lying on the ground.  The same color uniforms when your eagle eye spots Crossbones attacking a complex during the trailer.  We can assume Crossbones is trying to grab something IFID that’s located in Africa, Cap tries to stop him, and Black Panther only sees Cap at the scene.  Black Panther sides with Iron Man because he’s trying to bring Captain America in any way.  Ya, I know, it thin and it doesn’t explain why he seems to be after the Winter Soldier.  Although, there is another plot going on with Crossbones and IFID, besides the civil war.

Black Panther is Neutral for the Most & Ends Up Siding with Captain America (Comics)

So remember in the comics The Superhero Registration Act, it only affects the United States, and Black Panther’s people is from the nation Wakanda which is located in Africa.  Resulting him not getting his people involved by not choosing a side.  This all changes when superhero Goliath (Cap’s side) dies during a fight with Iron Man’s team.  Goliath was killed by Ragnarok (cloned cyborg version of Thor) created by Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, Hank Pym and Stark.  No, cyborg Thor was not suppose to kill anyone.  Now does the word Ragnarok, ring a bell?  Thor 3:  Ragnarok coming out 2017.  Once that happened, Mr. Fantastic went to back to work on his creation making sure the same mistake does not happen twice. This is where superheroes re-evaluated on what side they are on.  Goliath’s death marked a big turning point in Civil War, including Black Panther in which he decides to go with Captain America because of Iron Man’s poor handling of the situation.


So Who is on Who’s Side

Here’s a List of what we know  (Film)


Captain America’s Team

Captain America

Falcon (trailer & concept art)

Hawkeye (trailer & concept art)

Winter Soldier / Bucky (trailer & concept art)

Scarlett Witch (trailer)

Antman (concept Art)

Sharon Carter / Agent 13 (concept art)


Iron Man’s Team

Iron Man

War Machine (trailer & concept art)

Black Widow (trailer & concept art)

Black Panther (yes he fights Bucky in the trailer, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s on Iron Man’s side & concept art)

Vision (concept art)

Spider-man (rumored)

Difference from the comic (Comic)

Millar’s Civil War included several characters that are not part of the movie universe yet.  To keep it related to the film, we’ll just stick to the movie characters.  Now this blog only relates to the 7 part mini-series and not any of the side stories, spin offs, or companion pieces.  Most of the character’s above don’t appear in comic, but the big difference is that Vision, Black Panther, and Spider-man is on Captain America’s team.



The Unknowns

Helmut Zemo

The only thing we know is that Daniel Brühl is playing him, he’s from Germany and that he is loosely based on the comic book character.  Zemo was not part of the main Civil War in the comics.  It will be interesting on how they incorporate him into the Marvel film universe.  It is mentioned that his character might appear in future Marvel movies.



From the concept art we know that he is on Iron Man’s team, and that’s it.  In the comics he was on Cap’s side and did help him defuse Iron Man’s armor giving him the upper hand in the fight.  In general, Vision does hook up with Scarlett Witch in the comic universe.  It might be possible that he does fall in love with her in this film and switches sides.

Martin Freeman

Who the hell is playing?  We only get a glimpse of him in the trailer when they take away Cap’s shield and Falcon’s wings.


From the concept art, Ant-Man is on the Cap’s side.  At the end of the Ant-Man film, it shows that Falcon was looking for him.  Falcon mentioning to Cap that Tony wouldn’t believe him when they had Bucky in custody, but he knew a guy.  We do not know how big of a role he does play.  Scott Lang’s version of the Ant-Man was not in the mini series.



Well, we know that Tom Holland is playing him and we got rumors.  The hot rumor going around right now is that Spider-Man gets recruited by Tony Stark and builds him a new suit.  Then eventually, Holland will sport the original Spidey suit we know and love.

In the mini series, Spider-man does get recruited by a Iron Man and does have a suit made by him.  He also reveals his secret identity to the world in support of the Registration Act.  After Goliath gets killed by cyborg clone Thor, Spider-man thinks Iron Man’s methods are wrong and decides to leave his team.  They do fight, and Spider-man escapes only to get chased down by super villains that Stark recruited.  Spider-man’s suit gets destroyed but is saved by the Punisher and is taken to Cap’s hideout.  Spider-man wears his original suit and joins Cap’s side.



We don’t know much about Crossbones either, except he probably blames his injuries on the Cap after the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier.  We are just assuming he’s attacking the IFID building in the trailer.  He’s a wild card on what his role is in Civil War.  He’s not in the mini-series, but plays a big part in the aftermath, which I will talk later below.

The Two Big Rumors

There are several rumors going around, but I’m just going to address to the two big ones that are causing a lot of talk.

One or More People Will Switch Sides

Basing it on the comics, Black Panther and Spider-man might switch sides if somebody dies under Stark’s methods.  We mentioned about Vision falling in love with the Scarlett Witch and switching sides.  I don’t see Scarlett Witch going to Stark’s team to support the Sokovia Accords, because remember, her brother Quicksilver died on that island.  There’s talk about Black Widow being in deep under cover for the Cap, which I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch after their buddy relationship in Winter Soldier.  We don’t actually see Black Widow fight for either side in the trailer.


One Major Character Will Die & People Think It’s Captain America

I’m not going to lie, there is evidence that points to the Cap dying in this film.  Let’s take a look at the evidence.  So after the mini series, the Cap does die.  The formula is there is to make it happen too.  Before delivering the finishing blow to Iron Man, civilians stop Cap, and made him realize that the Civil War has become something what he wasn’t fighting for anymore, so he surrendered himself to SHIELD.   He was later killed by Crossbones and a brain washed Sharon Carter, in front of the federal courthouse.  Who’s in the movie, Crossbones and a Sharon Carter.  We don’t know if Sharon Carter is brain washed, but she’s in it.  Interesting to note, that in the comics Bucky blames Tony Stark for Captain America’s death.  In the trailer when the Winter Soldier is grabbing Iron Man’s chest, it does looks like Bucky is saying “Steve’s dead”.  Hmmm, stuff to think about.

I personally don’t think the Cap dies.  Here’s why.  Captain America is going to appear in the Infinity War.  For sure at least part one.  The other reason is the conversation that Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evan has mentioned that they will have to shoot in Atlanta or “Hotlanta” again.  Tom Holland mentioned that he will be filming Spider-man in Georgia.  So they might appear in Spider-man.  We take a look at the upcoming Marvel movies.  Guardian of the Galaxy 2, doesn’t take place on earth.  Thor 3:  Ragnarok is going to be filmed in Australia.  Dr. Strange is being setup in London.


On a side not, I do believe somebody major will die in this film causing a turning point in the war.  Just like the how Goliath was killed in the comics.  I just don’t know who. No, I don’t think it’s War Machine. I mean, who gives away a big spoiler in a trailer. Looking at you Terminator: Genisys.


I hope you enjoyed this episode of File Notes.  What are your guys thoughts or theories?

Random Info I got from writing this post:
  • Thunderbolt Ross becomes the Red Hulk in the comics
  • Captain America doesn’t actually die in the comics, the gun used on him just phases him in out of space and time
  • Hulk & Thor are sitting this one out to do a buddy movie in Thor: Ragnarok
  • Hulk was originally in Captain America: Civil War, but they felt that he would give too much of a upper hand to one team
  • Iron Man becomes the director of SHIELD in the comics
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