Feature: 8 Movies I Dragged my Poor Dad to

Devastator and the Dinobots

8 Movies I Dragged my Poor Dad to

In honor of Father’s day this Sunday, I decided to do a post on how great Dads are.  I’m sure that there are movies that our Dads weren’t too thrilled to see, but have taken us to see it anyway.  My dad works in construction and the first thing to do after a long day of hard labor probably isn’t to watch a 2 hour cartoon or a movie about a teenager who kills vampires.  I present you 8 movies, I dragged my poor Dad to.  This post is dedicated to all the great Dads out there.

Optimus Prime G18.  Transformers

I remember telling my dad that my class mates said there’s a Transformers movie.  I didn’t believe them because at the time there wasn’t too much marketing on the movie.  We looked in the papers and found it.  He took my sister and I.  He told me that was a lot of action for a cartoon.

Guile aiming7.  Street Fighter

I’m pretty sure my dad saw this coming.  I mean Street Fighter 2 was so big when it came to the arcades.  I use to draw the characters (stick figures) from the series and showed it to my dad as a hint that there was Street Fighter 2 video game coming out on the Super Nintendo.  I’m sure it helped that Van Damme was in it.  He probably thought at least Van Damme is in it spin kicking people.  We all know how the movie did.  It Sonic Boomed.

Go ninja, go ninja, go6.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 & 2

These weren’t bad films at all, but I doubt my dad wanted to see guys dressed up in rubber suits as turtles screaming random catch 90s phrases like “Awesome!” or “Excellent!”, let alone Vanilla Ice does a whole rap song with the turtles in the sequel.   My dad is not a rap fan.

Buffy stabbing a vampire5.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A movie about a teenager who fights vampires on the side.  After the movie ended, my dad came out with a confused look, and said “that was different”.

The alien vs the predator4.  Aliens Vs Predator 2: Requiem

I swear that this movie was going to be decent.  The first Aliens Vs Predator wasn’t bad, and the sequel was rated R, so I thought there was going to be a lot of crazy graphic action.  Boy, was I wrong.  Well, I should of taken the hint, when my dad and I were the only one in the theaters for the matinee.  The movie ended and at the same time, we said “that was junk”.  Then he reminded me that I did claim this movie was going to be fun.  Beers were on me that day.

Peter Strahm in a trap3.  Saw V

I seriously don’t know what I was thinking when I took my dad to this.  In my defense, we had 2 hours to kill, before picking up his friend and this was the only movie that started right away.  Grant it, he never saw the Saw series before and for all the fans, you know this was one of the weaker installments.  During the car ride, my dad turned to me and said “Why do you like these kind of movies?!”.

Jackson in action2.  American Ninja 3

For all of you who grew up in the 80s know that ninja movies were the bomb back in the day.  Unfortunately, the American Ninja series got worse as more sequels came out.  Did you know that there’s 5 American Ninja movies?  I’m not too sure what birthday it was, I think it might have been my 7th.  My dad took me and maybe around 9 of my friends to this in the theater.  Let me do the math for you.

9 kids + a ninja movie + cake & ice cream = JUMPING NINJA FURNITURE CHAOS

She-Ra and He-Man1.  She-Ra:  Secret of the Sword

Yes, it’s She-Ra.  I have no idea how we ended watching this in the theaters.  What’s even more funny, my sister wasn’t with us, so I can’t use her as an excuse.  I’m guessing, I wanted to see it because He-Man was in it.  Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, even that’s probably not saying a lot either.  Ya, ya, yuck it up in the comments and have a great Father’s Day.



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