Evil Dead (1981) Movie Review

Evil Dead PosterEvil Dead

  • NC-17
  • 1981
  • Director – Sam Raimi
  • Bruce Campbell – Ashley “Ash” Williams
  • Ellen Sandweiss – Cheryl
  • Richard DeManincor – Scott
  • Besty Baker – Linda
  • Theresa Tilly – Shelly
Hey Ash Where Are We

Ahhh…The Evil Dead.  It’s amazing how this low budget horror movie launched and influenced so many things.  First off, it launched the careers of actor Bruce Campbell (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and director Sam Raimi (Spiderman Trilogy).  2 more sequels were produced, Evil Dead 2 and the Army of Darkness.  The term “Fake Shemp” was first used in this movie and is this still used today in the industry.  Then there were comic books, video games, and even an Evil Dead musical.  This film has a huge cult following and as of today (3/15/2013), it has 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Let’s see if this cult classic still holds up.

Join Us

Five college students go into the woods of Tennessee to celebrate spring break in a remote cabin.  Ash (Campbell) and Scott (DeManincor) explore the cabin and come across a Book of the Dead.  They find a tape recorder that plays readings from the book.  Unknown to our college students, they released an evil presence.

Later that night, Cheryl (Sandweiss) was in her room sketching, and suddenly she hears voices.  She goes outside to check it out.  Then the forest seems to come alive and trees rape Cheryl.   Yes, I did just say “the trees rape Cheryl”.  Any hoo, Cheryl goes back o cabin to the rest friends and tells them what just happened.  Will her friends believe in Cheryl?  What did they just unleash?

We're going to get you
We’re Going to Get You

One of the main things that this movie has going for it, is it’s plot.  You never know what will happen next.  The scenes were so unpredictable and out of box.  Plus at the time when the movie was release, there nothing that could compare to this story.  Even till this day, I feel that this story much more creative than most horror movies.

The effects were way of ahead of it’s time.  You have to remember that there was no CGI back in those days.  I do have a soft spot for stop motion effects, because you have to have a lot of patience to pull it off right.  It is done very well in this movie.

Bruce Campbell and the rest of the cast acting gives that sense of creepiness being alone in the woods.  Nothing felt overacted or cheesy.  The reactions in scenes seem genuine.  You actually think they are college students being frightened by an unknown force.

Blood splatter
Soon All of You Will Be Like Me

Does this classic still hold up.  YES!  I saw this when I was a child and watched it a second time recently for this review.  I still feel like I should wear diapers when I watch this film.  The writing still feels original after all these years.  The acting and atmosphere is still creepy.  I must admit, the effects do seem dated, but it does not take away too much from the film.  There’s a reason why this movie is such a cultural phenomenon.  Go watch this movie right now!  Bring some extra diapers.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • Trees are capable of rape
  • You find “The Book of The Dead”.  Leave it alone
  • Chainsaws make awesome weapons against the undead
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File Status:  Blow Off Your Underwear
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