Dredd (2012) Movie Review

Dredd PosterDredd

  • R
  • September 2013
  • Director – Pete Travis
  • Karl Urban – Judge Dredd
  • Olivia Thirlby – Cassandra Anderson
  • Lena Headey – Madeline Madrigal
  • Rakie Ayola – Chief Judge
  • Jason Cope – Zwirner
America is an Irradiated Wasteland

Dredd is based on a comic book character that first appeared in 1977.  A movie was later made starring Sylvester Stallone in 1995 and it had more of a comic book / cartoon feel.  Then in 2012, the powers that may be, released Dredd to reboot the franchise.  At the time of writing this, the film bombed in theaters, but did extremely well on Blu-Ray / DVDs.  I don’t have any experience with the comics, but I did watch the Stallone version.  This film’s storyline has nothing to do with the Stallone version. Cassandra shooting

Rookie, You’re Ready?

We start off learning how in the future that it is a Cursed Earth and that the crime rate is high.  A new drug has been recently released on the street called Slo-Mo.  This new drug slows people’s perception by 1%.

After pursing and busting some users of Slo-Mo, Dredd (Urban) heads back to the office.  There he finds a new recruit named Cassandra Anderson (Thirlby) who is a strong psychic that failed the aptitude test.  The Chief Judge makes Judge Dredd take the new recruit on a field test and evaluate on how she does on the streets.

In the Peach Trees, which is a 200 story building where Ma Ma (Heady) resides.  Ma Ma is a drug lord who executes 3 of her men by throwing them over the top floor of the building.  Anderson and Judge Dredd responds to the 3 dead bodies left in the lobby area.  What else will Judge Dredd and Anderson find?  What does Ma Ma have in store for Judge Dredd and Anderson?

Cassandra and Dredd

Do You Require Backup

First off, this is nothing like the Stallone version.  This is a gritty and no holds barred version that I think fans were asking for.  The budget is pretty big so the effects is well done. The violence is a plenty and exciting.  There is no slow period, or tender moments, it just keeps the action coming.

Urban does a great job being a seasoned Judge and causing major chaos.  He’s going through his mission as if he has been through it before and nothing phases him.  His voice alone makes me want to turn myself in.

Thirlby is also no slouch in playing the rookie.  She plays the newbie that want to succeed, but it shows that she is hesitant in her decisions.  You can also see the transformation of her becoming less fearful of her doomed situation.

Lena Headey is a terrifying man hating drug lord.  I do not know her role on Game of Thrones, but the roles I have seen were not being the main bad guy.  I’ve seen her playing the helpless victim in Laid to Rest to the strong soldier that’s a mother in Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Also, in her past roles, I thought she was portrayed to be very sexy.  Here in Dredd, she all these various scars on her face and her hair looks like she just woke up.  Yet, she still has that sexy vibe combined with you mess with me, I’ll have you thrown off a building attitude.

Thug dying
Defense Noted

Don’t worry, if you haven’t read any of the comics.  If you enjoy Sci-Fi with plenty of action, this movie is for you.  For everybody whose still skeptical, think of it as highly enjoyable action packed B-movie with a good budget and believable actors.  The story is not any how related to the Stallone version or even have the same feel.  This is the gritty and violent version of Dredd people wanted.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • Having a gun that has multiple settings is convenient
  • Doing drugs while a cop is chasing you is probably not a great idea
  • Kids will shoot a cop
Other Files to check:
  • Robocop
  • Universal Soldier:  Regeneration
File Status:  8 out of 10
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