Death Race 3: Inferno (2013) Movie Review

Death Race 3 InfernoDeath Race 3:  Inferno

  • R
  • February 2013
  • Director – Roel Reine
  • Luke Goss – Carl Lucas
  • Ving Rhames – Weyland
  • Danny Trejo – Goldberg
  • Dougray Scott – Niles York
  • Fred Koehler – Lists
  • Tanit Phoenix – Katrina
You’re Trying to Franchise Death Race

This is the 3rd film in the franchise since the 2008 reboot.  The original was called Death Race 2000 which came out in 1975 and starred the late David Carradine.  The 2008 reboot had Jason Statham in the lead role.  The 2nd and 3rd Luke Goss (Hell Boy 2) takes over to play the main racer, Frankenstein.  The 2nd and 3rd films takes place before the events of the Statham version.  Also both sequels or prequels went straight to DVD.  I just so happen to come across this on Netflix, and felt like watching something mindless and a lot of explosions.

Death Race
You Forgot One Thing…Frankenstein

Niles York (Scott) is a wealthy British man who buys the rights of Death Race and plans to franchise it.  Weyland (Rhames) the original owner of Death Race is forced out of the picture from the hostile take over.  York is going to have the race moved to the desert of Africa instead of the prison.

Meanwhile Lucas (Luke Goss) who is also Frankenstein in the Death Race is alive and is currently going under surgery from the injuries he sustained in Death Race 2.  Nobody knows who Frankenstein really is including his pit crew because he always drives with a mask on.   Frankenstein is just one race away from freedom.  See, if you win five races in a row, you win your freedom.

Frankenstein learns that his recovery is due to York and finds out that he is no longer an employee of Weyland.  York, being his new boss, instructs Frankenstein to lose the race in Africa.  Will Frankenstein lose on purpose?  What will happen if Frankenstein’s crew finds out that it’s Lucas behind the mask?

Katrina Flamethrower

Welcome to Hell

Let’s face it, we don’t watch a movie called Death Race 3 for the superb acting, interesting characters and intricate story.  We want to see action and stuff being blown up.  Do you get any of it?  Yes, there’s a lot of explosions, people being shot, burned, ran over,  and more.  The effects were good, you won’t see CGI sloppiness.  I think I saw it in one scene, when a missile was chasing someone, but that’s about it.

The race itself was entertaining.  Plenty of cars to be destroyed, and it was fast paced.  The characters are pretty forgettable and just end up being cannon fodder for the more dominant racers.  It also didn’t take long to get into the race, which is the meat of the movie.  So, you won’t be wasting a lot of time waiting for the main event.

In other reviews, they mention a big cat fight called Navigator Wars.  This happens to be a tournament for the women navigators to see who will be in the Death Race.  Of course this the fight to the death.  I actually didn’t care for this fight.  The cameras were in weird angles during the fight and couldn’t tell what was going on most of the time.  It was just a cluttered mess.  If you want to watch a good cat fight, go watch Naked Weapon.

Who are You Talking To

I’m going to be simple.  If you liked Death Race or it’s sequel, you should watch this.  It not better or worse than it’s predecessors.  If you never saw any of the movies, but like mindless action, explosions, Mad Max type cars going at it, Goss showing off some of his martial art skills and Trejo delivers some one liners, you will be entertained.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • If you don’t know anything on desert racing, Google it
  • !@#$ logic
  • Having prisoners in a race to the death in the middle of a town in Africa is perfectly OK
  • Getting a cut on your arm requires you take your pants off for the nurse
Other Files to check:
  • Gone in 60 Seconds
  • Mad Max: Road Warrior
  • Doomsday
File Status:  6 out of 10
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