Deadpool (2016) Movie Review

New face Deadpool poster


  • Rating – R
  • February 2016
  • Directors – Tim Miller
  • Ryan Reynolds – Wade Wilson / Deadpool
  • Morena Baccarin – Vanessa
  • Ed Skrein – Ajax
  • Gina Carano – Angel Dust
  • Brianna Hildebrand – Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  • Leslie Uggams – Blind Al
  • Stefan Kapičić – Colossus (voice)
Surprise, This is a Different kind of superhero story

Do I need to talk about Deadpool? I mean it already broke records at the box office. Biggest opening for a R-rated movie of all time, biggest opening for the month of February, and the biggest opening in the history of Fox studios. That’s big. So a lot of people know about Deadpool.

Well, I’ll give you a quick Deadpool 101 just so I have something to write in this section. Deadpool appeared in Marvel comics back in 1991, in The New Mutants issue 98. He started as a villain, but later came an anti-hero of sorts. One of the notable things that make Deadpool stick out is that he knows he is a comic book character. The other thing is that when he had his experimental surgery, besides deforming his body, and giving him extraordinary healing abilities, it made him insane. Combine insanity and constantly breaking the fourth wall leads to a hilarious comic character. One of the jokes that non-comic book fans won’t get is that Deadpool describes looks as Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar-Pie, ironically he plays him in the new movie. Alright, enough banter, time for the review.


I Don’t Have Time for Your X-Men Bullshit, Colossus!

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) was a former special forces and now turned mercenary for hire. He falls in love with an escort by the name of Vanessa. About to get married, they find out that Wilson has terminal cancer. Wilson goes to a recruiter who tells him there is an experiment that can cure him.

At a secret facility, he meets Ajax (Ed Skrein), who tells him about the experiment he will receives. Wilson will receive a serum that will wake up his hidden mutant genes. In order to activate these genes, he must go through extreme torture. After surviving and escaping facility, he finds out that he has incredible healing abilities. The catch is that it also left him horribly scared. Ajax told him he is the only one that can fix Wilson’s scaring. Wanting to fix his scaring before telling Vanessa he is alive, he goes off to find Ajax in as a costumed nut job that evolves into Deadpool. Can Deadpool find Ajax? Is Ajax able to cure his scaring? Will he be able to confront Vanessa?

Negasonic Teenage… What the Shit? That’s the Coolest Name Ever

I would have to start with, that’s one of the greatest intros I’ve seen in movie. From the opening scene you are entertained by the action, Deadpool’s idiosyncrasies, fun characters, well directed, and a soundtrack to go with it. It’s a chimichanga buffet of stuff to like.

The way Deadpool blends his quirks, sharp tongue, and action turns into a double sword swinging of a good time. With his ability to heal instantly and talking to the audience creates some popcorn spitting moments when he’s fighting or just commenting on random situations, like making fun of a cliche super hero landing. With the R-rating they were able to let loose, and let loose they did. You can still have a good super hero movie with a PG13-rating, but with a R-rating, you have no real restraints. After years of PG13 action movies playing it safe to reach a broader audience, it’s great to see someone cussing and causing bloody mayhem for a change.

Acting wise, let’s face it. You can’t get any better than Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. He fits his amusing insanity from the comics. Deadpool had a great cast to interact with. It seems like he was having a quip contest among his co-stars. Not all the characters have quick comebacks, they’re just entertaining in other ways. One example would be Colossus, who tries to recruit Deadpool to becoming a member of the X-men and lecturing him about being a hero. Of course Deadpool isn’t haven’t any of it. It was good to see Morena Baccarin back on the big screen playing the feisty love interest to Wilson. Not a love interest, although just as entertaining is Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) as Deadpool’s blind elderly room mate. Gina Carano as Angel, was the eye candy muscle, who could throw down with the big boys. His nemesis Ajax, played by Ed Skrein builds a nice tension with Wilson throughout the film.

Kudos to director Tim Miller for his directorial debut. For his first time in the director’s chair, he aces his final exam. Everything from the cinematography to setting the Deadpool atmosphere. I was never lost in the action. Scenes were shot well, and didn’t go overboard with the CGI. The opening just sets the mood for what you’re in for. Clearly, Miller did his Deadpool homework before shooting the movie.

I have to talk about the soundtrack use in Deadpool. From using Shoop by Salt-N-Peppa to Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton is a curiously satisfying mix. Seriously, they use Chicago’s You’re the Inspiration in the final fight scene, and they make it work.

Deadpool isn’t perfect, and I must say at this point, I am being picky. It’s a ridiculous romp, but it does sharply shifts tones when it is revealed that he has cancer. I understand that they needed to give him substance, instead of making him a trigger happy foul mouth maniac. The story is standard and even though I liked Skrein as Ajax, he was not the most memorable villain. Like I said, I’m being picky.


Have You Seen This Man

Movie goers that don’t mind gratuitous violence and creative foul language check this out. You might not understand the inside jokes, but there’s more than enough to enjoy. Fans, trust me you will not be disappointed. This is definitely not the Deadpool from Wolverine Origins. Run out, watch it in the theaters. Watch it twice. A watch in theaters and a buy on Blu-Ray for me. Before I go, I feel like I need to warn parents, so they don’t get bamboozled by their kids thinking this is a tame comic book movie. It’s rated-R. Besides the foul language and bloody action, there is sex scenes and nudity also. Not trying to tell you what you should let your kids watch, just figured I’d warn parents what to expect. Side note, there is a bonus scene after the credits. I have to admit, comic fans will appreciate it much more.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • Super hero landing is hard on your knees
  • Always make sure you have everything before leaving the cab
  • Don’t own a vacuum Roomba if you have a blind person in the house
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  • Kingsman: The Secret Service
File Status: 9 out of 10
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