Cold Eyes (2013) Movie Review

Cold Eyes Movie PosterCold Eyes

  • Rating – Unrated
  • July 2013
  • Director – Ui-seko Jo, Byung-seo Kim
  • Han Hyo-joo – Pig
  • Sol Kyung-gu – Chief Detective Hwang
  • Jung Woo-sung – James
  • Jin Kyung – Department Head Lee

Cold Eyes aka Hangul, Stakeout, or Surveillance is a 2013 Korean thriller that made it’s premier in the states at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. I did not know this, but it is a remake of a 2007 Hong Kong Film called Eye in the Sky. Let’s eye this review. Did that make sense? Oh well, my blog, my rules… Don’t leave me.

Cold Eyes Serveillance

Did I Fail

Ha Yoon-joo (Han Hyo-joo) just past the detective test and joins the Special Crime Department. Their latest mission is to track down a gang of robbers who seems to be two steps ahead of the police. They also know where all the blind spots of the public cameras, so there are no trace of them after the crime scene. Can the new rookie help catch these swift criminals?

Robbers of Cold Eyes
Deviation from the Plan is Unnaceptable

Cold Eyes’s story is nothing new. The rookie trying to solve an unsolvable case. Even the though the story is simple, it is a nice ride till 3/4ths of the way. I felt the final scene was bit of a let down. Things are left to chance, then it becomes very cliche and predictable. Let me say this, you won’t have a “Heat” or a “The Town” shoot out. Also you have two fight scenes. One with our rookie detective fighting some random thugs, and our main villain played by Jung Woo-sung take on handfull of guys in a hallway ala “Old Boy”. After watching both actors display their martial skills, you would think there would be some face kicking action between them at the end, but nope.

Don’t get me wrong, Cold Eyes is intriguing by seeing who can outsmart each other. It’s all about paying attention to detail, which is introduced in the very beginning when Han Yoon-Joo is taking her field test.

Kyung-gu and Hyo-joo do have great chemistry. Kyung-gu is the old veteran and team lead, while Hyo-joo is the newly approved rookie trying to prove she is an asset to the team. In fact, Kyung-gu gives her the nickname Pig, until she can prove herself other wise. The rest of the team takes a backseat and mainly focuses on these two.

Same goes for Woo-sung as the leader of his gang. His gang is in the background, while he makes all the chess moves and shows his ruthlessness when a team member doesn’t follow orders. Did I mention he takes on a hall full of thugs bare handed? He is an interesting character, I just wish there was background story to him, to show how he became who he is.

Cold eyes explosion
Nice to Meet You Fat Face

Cold Eyes isn’t the best thriller or cops and robbers film I’ve ever seen, but it isn’t the worst. It lost some major points after a cliche ending. The film just hits a brick wall, and decided to go with a thriller 101 ending. Still not too shabby. Strong main characters and all the specific details in trying to catch a criminal master mind makes for a fun movie night. It’s not worth a second viewing, so a rental, don’t go out and buy it.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • Don’t take your mic with you when peeing
  • The Iphone makes a great weapon
  • If you feel like somebody is watching you, they probably are
Other Files to check:
  • Heat
  • The Untouchables
  • The Town
File Status: 7 out of 10
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