The Baytown Outlaws (2012) Movie Review

Baytown Outlaws Movie PosterThe Baytown Outlaws

  • Rating – R
  • January 2013
  • Director – Barry Battles
  • Clayne Crawford – Brick Oodie
  • Travis Fimmel – McQueen Oodie
  • Daniel Cudmore – Lincoln Oodie
  • Eva Longoria – Celeste
  • Billy Bob Thornton – Carlos


I Shoot People in the Face

Originally titled Baytown Disco, this movie is director Barry Battles and it’s his first feature length film. I saw the trailer for it and looked like a mix between Boondock Saints, The Warriors, and a little mix of Mad Max with one liners. Are the outlaws worth checking out?

Hey Waterworld

I Was Hoping to Acquire Your Services

In Alabama the Oodies, there are 3 redneck brothers who are vigilantes that work for the person that raised them, which happens to be the sheriff of the town. After seeing the brothers in action, they are offered a job by the woman named Celeste (Eva Longoria). The job is to rescue her godson, Rob (Thomas Sangster) from her ex-husband Carlos (Billy Bob Thorton). The godson is entitled to a large sum of money when he turns 18. Carlos killed Rob’s real parents and decided to watch over him until he get his inheritance.

The Oodie brothers eventually accepts the job and raid’s Carlos’s house. They manage to rescue Rob unscathed, but fails to kill Carlos. Carlos is determined to get his cash cow back, and sends a variety of assassins after the Oodies. Can the Oodies survive the unwieldy group of assassins? Will Celeste and Rob unite again?

Lady Biker Assassins
Well, Hi Big Guy. Here’s my Boomstick

There is a good concept for a balls to the wall action movie, but does fall a little short from uninteresting main characters, rushed plot, and some missed opportunities in the action scenes. It does have it’s good. The action was at a good constant pace and the acting was pretty good.

I could see that the director sacrificed the plot by trying to make this a balls to the wall action movie, but doesn’t quite get there. Even though the action was constant, there were some missed opportunities during the scenes. One scene comes to mind is where the Oddies have a car battle with something that looked liked came out of the movie Death Race. Lincoln Oddie jumped into the assassin’s armored truck and instead of showing what happened, the vehicle stopped. The director could gotten ballistic with that scene. You see, Lincoln is a big dude, it implied that he took a whole bunch of the road warriors in the truck with his bare hands. None of that was shown, just implied.

The Oddies brothers were not as charismatic, as I was expecting after watching the trailers. It wasn’t their acting, it was limitations of their script. I guess I was thinking the Oddies would have more one liners and be more obnoxious in a funny way. Lincoln (Daniel Cudmore) was the most interesting. He’s the middle brother, who is the size of a small giant, and talks through his 80s Speak ‘N Spell toy because of a damaged voice box. On a side note, Billy Bob was fun to watch and you could tell he was having a good time.

Lincoln being attacked by a lady biker
This is a Simple Smash and Grab

Bayton Outlaws is comparable to Boondock Saints, but doesn’t quite reach that cult status. More interesting lead characters, a more developed plot, and better choreographed action scenes would have gotten it there. None the less, Bayton Outlaws is not a terrible movie, and it is an impressive effort from director Barry Battles for being his first feature film. I’m sure this movie will have it’s followers. I say if it’s on a movie channel or a 99 cent rental.

Random Info I got from this File:
  • A bunch of random hot girls appear in an empty bar, they are not there for drinks
  • Always make sure you have the right house before raiding it
  • Don’t bring bows and arrows to a gun fight
Other Files to check:
  • Boondock Saints
  • The Warriors
File Status: 6 out of 10
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