9 (2009) Movie Review

9 Review

  • PG-13
  • September 2009
  • Director – Shane Acker
  • Elijah Wood – #9
  • Jennifer Connelly – #7
  • Crispin Glover – #6
  • John C. Reilly – #5
  • Martin Landau – #2
  • Christopher Plummer – #1
We had such potential.  Such promise.  But we squandered our gifts.

After producing many cult classics such as Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and others, Tim Burton decides to take a stab at animation.  Yes, he did do stop motion animation movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, but nothing like this cartoon.  When I first saw the trailer, I actually thought it was some kind of anime, and when I found out Tim Burton was producing it, I knew I was going to be for an imaginative ride.

Our world is ending, life must go on.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, 9 starts off with the world being taken over by robots and it seems it killed off anything that is living.  The scene starts off with a burlap doll waking up with the #9 on his back.  While looking around, he sees a medallion with 3 symbols on it.  9 decides to take it with him by putting in his body and zipping it up.  When he looks out of the window, 9 sees another burlap companion with the #2 on it.  Later, they get into a little scrap with a robotic dog and #2 gets taken away along with the medallion.  9 tries to follow them, but ends up passing out.

He is awakened and finds himself among other burlap friends.  9 then meets with 1 and he tells him what has happened to this world that they live in.  1 tells him that they are doing fine hiding out and surviving on their own.  He also warns 9 that others have ventured out, but never came back.  9 decides to go off to yonder to go after 2 and drags 5 with him on his rescue mission.  What happened to 2?  What happened to the missing burlap life forms and are they still alive?  Where did this robotic come from and why was it interested in this medallion?  What is this medallion?  Can this small band of burlap heroes change the history of the world they live in?  Thus our story begins.

You finally decided to join the fight.

If you look on internet for reviews for 9, you will usually find a mixed bag.  There’s 2 categories, one group of people absolutely love it.  The other group loved the art direction but could care less for the story.  I fall in the later group.  Don’t get me wrong, this movie has great voice acting, great animation, it wasn’t boring and an imaginative background.  The things that fell short for me was the character development and the overall story.

With the exception of 9, there’s not much development in the others too much.  It’s had to explain, but you just don’t really care what happens to the other dolls.  I guess the main reason, is that you don’t find out too much about the other burlap heroes past.  Maybe some more flash backs of how things ended up before 9 came around.  I thought it was a waste of talent to have Crispin Glover be the voice of 6.

With that said it brings me to the other problem, the story.  When the final shot came onto my screen, it just left me with a whole bunch of unanswered questions.  I’m not going to spoil it for you, but it just makes you wonder if there were certain scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor.  I understand the final shot, in the last scene, but before that, if made me go “barruhh?”.  Maybe I just don’t have an open mind to understand this movie, or maybe I needed to go into this thinking this is an eye candy film.  Or maybe I shouldn’t have had that final beer which destroyed my last imagination brain cell for the day before popping this in the DVD player.  I understand people have their theories on the ending which I don’t have problem with, it’s just before and the set up of the movie

Questions like that are pointless

Anyways, don’t let this discourage you from watching this.  I don’t think this Tim Burton’s best movie, but it’s definitely not too shabby.  If anything it’s great eye candy.  Give Burton’s view on an apocalyptic world with burlap dolls running around a chance.

Random Info I got from this file: 
  • If you running around world ruled by robots, don’t insert anything in a machine if you don’t know what it does
  • If you’re a burlap doll, a needle and thread can fix almost all wounds
  • If you’re a burlap doll, you can get high off of magnets
  • The crazy ones are always right
  • Not every leader is a good leader.
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File Status:  7 out of 10
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